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Our products
Production of uninterruptible power supplies and electronics

The company pays special attention to the production of modern and reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as well as to their own development of electronics. High-tech and intelligent systems are being developed and implemented in company's products, allowing to create the most reliable and quality products.

Production of metal structures

For the production of metal structures the company uses sheet bending press (Bystronic) and turret punch press (MURATA MACHINERY), and so skilled persons can produce metal structures of any shape and size. Further processing of finished products is performed by using welding tables (Siegmund) and painting equipment (Wagner).

22 августа 2017 Участие в форуме "Армия - 2017"

Участие в международном военно-техническом форуме "Армия - 2017"

17 апреля 2017 Участие в выставке «НЕФТЕГАЗ-2017»

Участие в международной выставке «НЕФТЕГАЗ-2017»

18 ноября 2016 Приглашаем на международную выставку «НЕФТЕГАЗ-2017»

С 17 по 20 апреля  2017г. «Завод инновационных технологий» примет участие в ежегодной Международной  выставке «НЕФТЕГАЗ-2017»