UPS Cabinet ENTEL series SPX
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UPS Cabinet ENTEL series SPX



UPS Cabinet ENTEL series SPX is ideal for the protection of critical computer systems and telecommunication devices for which risks associated with poor quality of power supply are unacceptable.


Server and workstations, communications and data transmission, private houses and town houses, hospitals and health centers, social facilities, industrial enterprises.


Complies with the requirements of regulatory documents GOST IEC 60950-1-2011, GOST R 51318.22-2006.


- Smooth small and short voltage surges;

– filter the supply voltage and maintain quiet operation of the system;

– fail-safety for some time after a failure of power supply in the network;

– protect the system against overloads or short circuits;

– in addition to the basic functions modern UPS are often provided with a number of additional functions due to a special software;

– automatic shutdown of the system, if the network voltage is absent for a long time, and restart of the system when the power is restored;

– test the state of uninterruptible power system and record the relevant data in the log-file (source temperature, battery charge level, etc.);

– indicate indexes for voltage and AC frequency in the electrical network, supply output voltage, as well as for the power consumed by the load;

– notifies the user in case of emergencies by the way of indicators or monitor, beeps or program messages;

– ability to set a timer for automatic switching on off the load at a particular time.