Uninterruptible power supply container unit UPS CU
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Uninterruptible power supply container unit UPS CU



Uninterruptible power supply UPS is designed to provide uninterruptible power supply to the auxiliary systems and automation systems at oil and petroleum products pumping stations. UPS ensures the quality of power supply of connected to them consumers in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 54149 for mains operation, diesel generator units and in stand-alone mode for accumulator batteries operation.


- Galvanic insulation;

- Low distortion of input current;

- Cyclic charging and temperature compensation of accumulator batteries charge;

- Function of the battery test for accumulator the batteries;

- Modular UPS design;

- Protection against back current;

- Redundant system for UPS «N+2» module;

- Automatic and manual bypass;

- Remote monitoring

- Analysis of quality factors of electric energy of input power system;

- Local and remote control of parameters for input electric power system;

- Record of oscillograms of input power system in case of incident;

- Registration of control data of input power system for 2 years;

- Protection against surge overvoltage.


UPSU provides electricity to connected electric users with the necessary indexes for reliability and quality of electricity under the following violations in the electricity system:

– loss of voltage;

– voltage falls;

– voltage surges;

– undervoltage;

– voltage boost;

– electromagnetic and radio frequency interference;

– frequency deviation;

– Switching transients; harmonic distortion.

– UPSU provides remote observation (monitoring) of the state of their equipment, the quality indicators of input and output voltage and other relevant parameters of the current state of UPSU, fault monitoring, filing of UPSU operation;

– UPSU provides noise elimination from the rectifier and inverter equipment coming into the main electrical grid.

Application area

It is used in the oil and gas stations.


Complies with TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment" approved by the decision of Customs Union Commission №768of 16.08.2011, TR CU 020/2011«Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" approved by the decision of Customs Union Commission №879 of 09.12.2011

Technical specifications *

Input parameters

Type of input connections

3-phase 3L+ N+PE

Power supply voltage, V


Supply frequency, Hz


Permissible % content of higher harmonic components of the mains,% not less


Permissible voltage tolerance of the mains,%, not less


Permissible frequency tolerance, in case of mains supply


In case of DG supply


Power Factor, %, not less


Output parameters

Rated power, kVA

according to wish list

form of the output signal


Rated voltage,V


Rated frequency, Hz


Output frequency tolerance in Hz, maximum


Voltage control band,%, minimum


Output voltage tolerance in the range of smooth load variations from 0 to the nominal value,%, maximum


Output voltage tolerance at asymmetric (not more than 15%) load,%, maximum


Output voltage tolerance at asymmetric (more than 15%) load,%, maximum


Maximum output voltage deviation in case of ramp changes in load current,%, maximum


Output parameters (power supply load from the bypass line)

Rated voltage at bypass output, V


The range of bypass output voltage, % of the nominal value


Network for output

Three phase + N+PE/Single phase + N+PE

The range of adjustable voltages set points (phase) to switch to the bypass:

- lower limit, V

- upper limit, V



Efficiency in the normal mode when using bypass,%, minimum


* Technical specifications and completing units can be changed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

This information is introductory and can be changed without notice.