Power supply installation PSI
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Power supply installation PSI



Power supply installation (PSI 220/48) is designed for uninterruptible power supply with DC of 48 V and AC of 220 V. It is an uninterruptable power supply of ENTEL trademark, model SPE.                                                                                  

Distinctive features

Each PSI is designed and manufactured strictly focusing on the customer's requirements, it allows to optimize the PSI on such parameters as:

– Functionality;

– Constructive proposals;

– Ergonomics;

– Upgradeable during operation;

– The cost.

These features make it easy to integrate the PSI in its customer power saving system, and its operation significantly improves the reliability of the power system, power quality, and reduces the serviceability of the power supply system. 


- Online monitoring and diagnostics of power quality, status of protective devices;

- Generation of alarm signals during short-circuit currents, power surge, failure of power supply system components;

- Selective load shedding;

- AC and/or DC power supply protection, including dual redundancy.


Complies with TR CU 004/2011 and TR CU 020/201

Application area   

Consumers of first, special category, communications facilities, socially important objects.

Key features and specifications

Type of current in the circuit system

Three-phase / single-phase

Rated input voltage at AC, V


Power frequency, Hz


Insulation resistance more than 20 MOhm

more than 20 MOhm

Ingress protection rating according to GOST 14254-96 is IP 20

IP 20

Rated currents for circuit breakers of output lines, A

in accordance with the table of explication

Limiting breaking capacity under short-circuit, kA


Type of grounding system


Type of isolating according to GOST 51321.1-2000


Type of connector for functional units


Operating conditions according to GOST 15150-69

Boreal climate (UHL4)

Nominal alternating output voltage, V


Rated DC output voltage, V


Running time from the battery at 100% load, min


Setting data

Dimensions HxWxD, mm, no more


Type of embodiment


Installation method


Energy supply

at the bottom of the cabinet

Output lines lead

at the bottom of the cabinet