Manufacture of draw-out units
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Manufacture of draw-out units



Low voltage complete devices with multifunctional draw-out modules is a the latest conceptual development of "ZIT" LLC in the field of low-voltage motor control complete devices.

Application area

Draw-out units are used both separately and as part of the energy supply system at oil industry facilities, main pipeline facilities, power engineering facilities, housing and communal sector, etc.


Draw-out units are made individually on the customer's project or according to wish lists.

Draw-out units are equipped with the equipment both of domestic and foreign origin.


Draw-out units substantially minimize the overall dimensions;

Draw-out units eliminate the disadvantages of direct start-up and uncontrolled capacities of electric motors;

Draw-out units provide a high degree of automation and integration of actuators into the CAPC system;

Draw-out units provide online modules change (replacement within a few minutes without removing the voltage from the main switchboard buses);

Draw-out units enable the integration in CAPC and remote monitoring;

Draw-out units ensure safe operation due to information content and the use of mechanical and electrical interlocks.