Control station board CSB
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Control station board CSB



Control stations boards (CSB) – is a low voltage electrical switchboard, designed for input and distribution of electric energy, automatic transfer switch of power supply, control and protection of different electric devices, electric drives (including soft start of electric motor), heating and lightning equipment in AC three-phase current mains with 380/220 V voltage and 50 Hz frequency.

CSB can be used both separately and as a component of CAPC.


Certificate of conformity №POCC RUAГ79 BO7826.

Application area

CSB is used both separately and as a component of CAPC at oil industry, power engineering facilities, public utilities sector, etc.


- Power input (from 1 to 4 sources of power);

- control, indication, registration of parameters and quality of power supply;

- redundancy and sectioning of powered consumers to prevent cut in supply;

- Control of operating modes (manual local, remote, automated, automatic);

- supply to various devices, power sources (for example, uninterruptible power supplies, DC power sources), electric machines and mechanisms;

- control of various types of electric machines and devices:

- valves electric drives;

- pumps, fans, conveyors motors, etc .;

- Electric heaters;

- Electric lighting equipment;

- Indicators, recorders, instruments, devices and means of automation (soft starters (SST), frequency converters (FC), process and program-logic controllers (PLC), interface devices, operator panels, etc.);

- Reception/transmission of control and information commands concerning status via communication channels (to the workstation (WS), to the information-measuring system (IMS), to the computerized automated process control system (CAPC), etc.);

- Local indication and visualization (on the local electrical panels) of the parts state of controlled facilities;

- Distribution of electric energy, consumers protection, control of current and voltage overloads.



Rated voltage

up to 660 V,


50 Hz.

Peak current

up to 1600 A.

Rated cabinet operation conditions


Climatic version

УХЛ4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254-80

as agreed with a customer.

* Technical specifications and completing units can be changed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

This information is introductory and can be changed without notice.