UPS Cabinet ENTEL series SPB
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UPS Cabinet ENTEL series SPB



Uninterruptible power supply ENTEL SPB, with double-conversion of on-line protection, ideally suits for servers, network solutions, as well as for industrial applications.


- Double conversion;

- A wide range of input voltage (110 – 300 V);

- PFC – in input is 0.98, in output - 0.8 a;

- Frequency conversion mode is 50 Hz - 60 Hz;

- Programmable output connectors;

- The emergency power off function;

- Economy mode to save energy;

- Compatible with generators;

- Possibility to increase the charge capacity of up to 8 A for the reinforced models;

- A wide range of communication ports: SNMP + USB + RS-232;

- Intelligent battery charge to optimize battery working capacity;

- Possibility to adjust the output voltage in the range: 208 - 240, 110 - 127 V.


Complies with the requirements of regulatory documents GOST IEC 60950-1-2011, GOST R 51318.22-2006.


- Voltage regulation;

- Warning (alarm) indication1;

- Service bypass;

- Automatic switch to battery supply.

Incidents in which the alarm is generated - damage/short circuit on the line, low battery, switch to service bypass.


- double conversion UPS ideally suits for small computer centers, servers, telecommunication equipment, as well as for industrial applications;

- power output factor is 0.9 and ensures higher performance and efficiency for critical decisions;

- a wide range of input voltage (110 V -300 V) provides stable supply to connected devices during power supply instability;

- PGM outputs of outlet. With programmable outlets users can easily and independently control load segments. During a power failure, this function allows to users to extend battery runtime for critical devices by shutting down non-critical devices;

- frequency converter - 50/60 Hz;

- setting of the output frequency of 50 or 60 Hz in accordance with the requirements to sensitive equipment;

- ECO-mode for power saving reduces power consumption and costs;

- emergency power off function (EPO);

- a wide range of communication ports: SNMP + USB + RS-232;

- noise level at 1 meter is 45-50 dB;

- specially designed charger design to optimize battery performance;

Versions UPS 1-3K SPB are equipped with adjusting the battery charging voltage depending on the temperature. A version 6K above the UPS SPB equipped with a function to optimize battery performance. This feature helps extend battery life and optimizes recharge time.