Climate case
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Climate case



Climate cases are designed for accommodation and functioning of telecommunications equipment, power plants, electrical distribution panels, remote monitoring and control systems and auxiliary equipment.


Climate case degree of protection for communications equipment (depending on version) corresponds to:

- IP54 (dust protected, splash protection);

- IP65 (dustproof, protection against water jets from any direction).

Cases are manufactured in УХЛ climatic version, category 1.1 GOST 15150-69.

Comfortable temperature for the equipment installed inside, is provided by 2 fans (heat and cooling), connected to the thermostats.

Maximum static load for telecommunications wall climate case is 100 kg.

The design of the street climate case is fully welded, which allows quick commissioning of the equipment.


- Easy to install;

- Ease of operation;

- The ability to monitor the status of the case;

- Optimal temperature conditions.


Climate cabinet is a metal structure with the outside panels, consisting of the following compartments:

- Telecommunication compartment with distribution module;

- storage battery compartment;

- distribution compartment (optional).

All compartments are separated by partitions of galvanized steel with cable glands.

External conductors are inputted through cable glands.

Case can be manufactured with different methods of fastening: to the floor, to the ground, to the ceiling, to a wall.

Fabricated frame with metal panels 2 mm thick and a door structure, which prevents from outside deformation (twisting, bending), as well as installation of vandal-resistant locks and concealed hinges make the case anti-vandal.



Technical specifications 

Degree of protection

до IP55

Climatic version

up to УХЛ1


Fully welded

Paint coating

polyester powder

The material of the outer walls

cold rolled iron sheet 2 mm thick

Material of interior walls

galvanized sheet 1 mm thick

Thermal insulation



depending on the customer's requirements

* - climate cases specifications can be changed depending on the customer’s requirements

 ** - this information is introductory and can be changed by the manufacturer without notice.