Ventilation control switchboard VCS
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Ventilation control switchboard VCS



Ventilation control switchboards are designed to control operation of all major components and units, including in air ventilation systems, conditioning and heating systems.

Application area

Air ventilation system of large buildings, impact-notching machines, washing machines, extruders, submersible pumps, sewerage system, induced-draft fans, crane equipment, vertical stamping presses, high-speed saws and spindles; compressors, lifts, rolling mills, escalators, winders, knitting machines, food processing equipment, 4-side moulding machines, etc.



- Control the operation of the main elements of the air ventilation system;

- Ensure safety mode of electrical equipment and protection against the electric circuit faults;

- Monitor the state of the operating equipment and indication of basic indexes;

- Maintain a constant temperature in the room to be ventilated;

- Ensure monitoring of air filters state;

- Change the operating mode of the ventilation system, depending on the time interval.

- Supply voltage: 380V ± 15%, 50Hz;

- Operating Temperature: 0 to + 40 ° C;

Control switchboard includes circuit breaker, protection relay TR220, magnetic starter, push buttons START and STOP. Completing units of Schneider Electric.