Battery cabinet
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Battery cabinet



Battery cabinet is designed for installation of batteries (AB), and growth of the reliability of uninterruptible power supply system by disconnection of the backup power supply of AB in case of over-current flows through it.

Completing units

The main components included in battery cabinets:

– AB protection to 100A;

– protection of each of the three AB groups 50A;

– bonding jumpers.

AB are located on the shelves and connected in serial strings (lines) through bonding jumpers.


- activity time is 24 hours of continuous load;

- manual emergency shutdown;

- fuses status control;

- additional battery cabinet can be connected (connected to the circuit breaker terminals)

(Some battery cabinets are connected only if batteries are protected)


The battery cabinet is a metal case, consisting of sliding shelves. BC is covered round about by metal panels, and in front – by metal doors, for safe operation without risk of damage by electric current. The walls of the cabinet are made of sheet steel with powder antistatic coating. Crossbar door lock prevents accidental inside access and provides a neat appearance. The door, which is locked with key, prevents access by unauthorized people. Special holes in the base, door and roof, ensure required natural ventilation.

Application area

– telecommunications;

– industrial sector;

– power houses;

– offices, etc.


Parameter name


Rated DC voltage, V

At customer’s request

Rated current, A

At customer’s request

Number of lines to connect AB

At customer’s request

Number of lines to connect the UPS

At customer’s request

Degree of protection according to GOST 14254-80

At customer’s request

Atmospheric pressure

From 630 mm of mercury to 800 mm of mercury

(from 84.0 kPa to 106.7 kPa)

Relative humidity,

at ambient temperature+25°C

is maximum 95%

Dimensions, HxWxD mm


At customer’s request