Data collection cabinet DCC
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Data collection cabinet DCC



DCC cabinet is an electrical engineering cabinet in which all the equipment is available at the mounting plate.

DCC cabinet is designed for mounting on a wall (floor-mounted version is available), has a built-in microprocessor controller that processes signals from the metering and control devices. Optionally, the cabinet is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply, GPRS data transfer channel (for GSM) or Wi-Fi module for wireless data transmission.

DCC is used to communicate simple protocols based on the principle of "request-response". Communication modules and protective devices for modules supply circuits are installed in DCC. Modules are unified in a network via a two-wire line and are connected to the master device (Master). PLC, a personal computer with installed SCADA-system or an operator panel can act as a master. Each of the modules being a slave device (Slave), has a unique address. Network master makes a request to one of the modules, enters its address and read or write values command. The corresponding module responds to master by transmitting the requested data or confirming receipt of command.

Application area

Hierarchical system for accounting of and electric power in industrial plants and utilities facilities, supervisory control system.


- Conversion of the signals, received from the metering and control devices, in engineering units;

- Preservation (buffering) of cost accounting data in the controller memory (automatically for a period of 1 year);

- WEB interface for access to saved data and setting of the system operation conditions;

- programmed and defined (warning and alarm) signal levels;

- Display of process parameters during operation of the system;

- Fault warning with logging of fault code;

- Galvanic isolation of secondary circuits of the controller and sensors power supply;

- isolated operation in the absence of the main power supply;

- communications interface with the systems of upper level via Modbus TCP protocol (Ethernet) or Modbus RTU (RS485) (optional);

- GPRS data transfer channel (optional);

- Wi-Fi wireless data transmission (optional);

- control of actuated equipment (valves, pumps, fans) (optional).



DCC is manufactured in accordance with the technical conditions TU 3430-005-61938140-2012, and fully meets the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 004/2011 and TR CU 020/2011 and OTT -29-020.00-KTH-084-10.

Technical specifications


Type of execution

ШСД – DC/…






Signal characteristics

(0-10B, 4-20vA)


Modbus RTU

Modbus TCP

Number of links (max)





Operating supply voltage

220VAC 50 Hz


In accordance with the rating plate

Degree of protection

IP 65

Operating temperature, TO