Automatic transfer switch ATS
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Automatic transfer switch ATS



Automatic transfer switch – is a basic method for protection of uninterruptible power supply.

Automatic transfer switch (ATS) is used to interchange the main and supplementary power supply in case of drop in voltage in the primary input. The main input is fixed facilities (380 V voltage, 50 Hz frequency). Supplementary power supply can be both a generator and fixed facilities.

Application area

Different types of ATS boards and cabinets are required to provide uninterruptible power supply to transport, communication industry, as well as in industrial plants.


- Protection against overloads and short circuits;

- transfer to backup power source in automatic mode in case of drop in voltage in the main power source;

- Return to the main input after the voltage recovery;

- A signal to stop or turn off electrical equipment.


Certificate of Conformity № РОСС RUАГ79 ВО7826

Technical specifications*

Current type

single-phase / three-phase

Rated input voltage, V


Rated current, A

Up to 7200

Supply frequency, Hz


Communications interface


Insulation resistance[1], MOhm


Ingress protection rating according to GOST 14254-96

IP up to 66

Rated currents of outgoing lines circuit breakers, A

with a diversity factor 1 is maximum 7200

Changeover time, ms


Limiting breaking capacity under short-circuit, kA


Type of grounding system


Type of isolating in accordance with GOST 51321.1


Type of electrical connections of functional units


1 Tested at 1000V voltage for 15±10 seconds

 * Technical specifications and completing units can be changed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

This information is introductory and can be changed without notice.

ATS electric diagram with 2 inputs

Type designation for cabinets (units): 

А В Р - X.Х - XXX  
Х.Х - the first digit is the number of inputs (2- two inputs, 3- three inputs), the second digit is the presence of the sectional unit (0- no section breaker, 1- equipped with section breaker)
ХХХ - rated current (A).

   ABP-2.0-100 - two inputs, without sectioning for 100 amperes;
   ABP-3.1-250 - three inputs with sectioning for 250 amperes.