Automation cabinet for electric plants ACEP
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Automation cabinet for electric plants ACEP



ACEP is used with electric plants, pump stations, diesel power plants, etc. to control and manage plant components. Automation cabinets can be used with station control room (substation).


ACEP is manufactured in accordance with technical conditions TU 4218-005-61938140-2011  


– monitoring of switching devices state;

– switching on and off of energy-intensive facilities;

– holding of preset level of the main characteristics of the object (speed, temperature, fuel level, etc.);

– power network protection against short circuit currents and power surges;

– protection of objects against incorrect phasing.

Application area

Lighting, alarm system, heating, water supply, control of redundant power supplies.


Main Specifications


single-phase network

three-phase network

Rated voltage




46÷65 Hz

grounding system


insulation resistance

no less than 100kOhm

Degree of protection

up to IP651

Type of electrical connections of functional units


Type of isolating according to GOST 51321.1-2000


Working temperature

-20°С - +40°С

Storage temperature

-70°С - +60°С

Relative humidity

to 90%, without precipitation

Life time

20 years

Input of electricity network cables is at the

At the bottom of box

Input of electricity network cables

At the bottom of box

Type of design


Installation method


1. In case of ordering IP over IP3X, cabinets dimensions can be varied up to 150 mm from those in the standard table

* Technical specifications and completing units can be changed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

This information is introductory and can be changed by manufacturer without notice.