DC voltage source DCVS-1
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DC voltage source DCVS-1



DCVS-1 is designed to supply DC constant voltage to airborne and ground equipment in the process of products ground processing. According to operative conditions the SOURCE is referred to apparatus group 1.1 according to GOST 15150-69 (GOST RV 20.39.304- 98)

Application area

In laboratory for verification, repair and maintenance of a wide range of wireless devices.


- Source design has a protection against unauthorized actions on the front panel and remote control panel;

- Power connectors eliminate the possibility of improper connections;

- Source is controlled in two modes: local and remote (remote control panel);

- Source design has a removable handle for transportation;

- Ventilation system includes a high-performance fan with low noise floor.


Rectangular load characteristics (voltage regulation, current regulation) allow to connect outputs of several sources simultaneously, summing their output power. Ability to program up to 6 user profiles in 30 points each. This function makes it possible to set the change trajectory of the output voltage or (and) the current at a time, as well as set the number of repetitions of the profile up to 250 times. This is useful for batteries charge and various applications in galvanics. There is an option REVERSAL OF CURRENT for special applications in galvanics, that can be used in shaping of user profile.


DCVS-1 is manufactured according to TU 4345-001-61938140-2010, Certificate of Conformity number 0329665 issued by the products certification body “RADIO PHYSICAL TEST TECHNOLOGIES”, LLC

Technical specifications



Rated operating voltage, V


Current type and frequency, Hz

50Hz AC

Control limits for output voltage, V

24 – 32

Rated output power, W


Output voltage ripple factor

maximum 1%

Limiting level for output current, A


Voltage for tripping protection, V


Protection operating time, ms


Efficiency, %


Working hours


Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254-80


Ambient temperature, C

from 5 °C to + 35 °

Relative humidity, C

80% at +25°

Atmospheric pressure

from 630 to 800 mm of mercury