Fast automatic transfer switch АТyS FATS
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Fast automatic transfer switch АТyS FATS


АТyS FATS application

- Ensuring the reliability of consumers’ power supply due to the rapid input of an alternating power source in the absence of power supply from the main source, and changeover of power supply load to the original mode in case of power recovery from the main power supply of FATS;

- Fault Tolerance for uninterruptible power supply system;

- Additional load protection against short-circuit currents.

Application area

Transport, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, oil refining companies, auxiliary power plants, load centers and industrial substations with rated voltage of 0.4 kV with a high-voltage electromotor load, receiving the power from at least two independent sources.


Motor operated changeover;

– Integral control relay;

– Dual power supply;

– Under load transfer;

– Manual emergency transfer;

– Control of the rise/drop of voltage and frequency;

– Metering and indication of the output circuit current in each phase;

– The ability to connect electronic counter for active and reactive electric energy;

– The ability of remote control of fuses status.


The device FATS ATyS is manufactured according to TU 3434-002-61938140-2011 and corresponds to GOST R 51321.1-2000, GOST R 51732-2001, as evidenced by a certificate of conformity №0329665

Technical specifications

Parameter name


Rated operating voltage


380V, 415V, 690V


220V, 440V

Number of poles

2, 3,4


50Hz, 60Hz

Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254-80

IP2, Class II for front panel

Ambient temperature:

from -10°C to +40°C

Relative humidity

no more than 80% without condensation at 55°C, no more than 95%

with condensation at 40°C

Atmospheric pressure

From 630 mm of mercury to 800 mm of mercury

(from 84.0 kPa to 106.7 kPa)