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Metal dismountable rack of welding structure with front loading is designed for installation of accumulator batteries of uninterruptable power supply system. Rack consists of two and more sections. Dimensions for battery racks can be chosen depending on capacity and number of installed batteries.


- high paint quality, that guarantees product life for more than 10 years;

- strengthened design for installation of high output batteries;

- from two to five shelves for batteries;

- mounts to the floor for safe operation;

- can be completed with cables, bounding jumpers and automatic breakers at the customer’s request;

- assembly sets for connecting battery groups are available.


Rack height, mm                         

At customer’s request

Rack length, mm

At customer’s request

Rack width, mm

At customer’s request

Number of shelves

At customer’s request

The number of racks included

At customer’s request