Container diesel power plant DPP
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Container diesel power plant DPP



Container power plants are fully self-contained power modules based on diesel power plant, designed for operation in temperatures ranging from -50 ° C to + 50 ° C in the absence of electrical networks, or for backup - emergency power supply to consumers. Diesel generator in the container is protected from unfavorable weather conditions, which guarantees a long service life of the power plant. All power units are produced in three different climatic versions: "Standard", "North" and "Arctic"

Application area

Industrial facilities, medical facilities, communications and data transmission facilities, agricultural and industrial complexes with a continuous production cycle, as well as the areas away from the grid.


– Starting and stopping diesel power plant;

– Manual connection and disconnection of the generator load;

– Automatic disconnection of the load from the generator at any stop of AD;

– Manual change of the generator voltage;

– Manual adjustment of the generator drop;

– Emergency protection of AD (by stopping it), indication of the reason for the emergency situation.


Technical data – на for a diesel generator 60 kW ЯМЗ (АД-60-Т400), open construction


Prime power

60 kW / 75 kVA

Reserve capacity

66 kW / 82.5 kVA

Current type

AC, 3-phase

Rated frequency

50 Hz

Rated voltage

400 V

Rated current

108 А

Power factor, cos φ


DPP application class according to GOST R 53987-2010 / ISO 8528-1: 2005

G2 (standard.)


At 100% power

18.0 l/h

At 75% power

13.7 l/h

At 50% power

9.6 l/h

Power island from the built-in fuel tank, at 75% power

14.5 hours

Fuel efficiency – marginal costs for diesel fuel for 1000 kW*h of electric energy

305.5 l


Fuel tank

200 l

Cooling system

33 l

Lubrication system

21 l

Batteries (AB)

2 x 132 A*h


Engine model


Country of Origin


Engine's type

Diesel, 4-stroke

Prime power

132 kW

Reserve capacity

145,2 kW

Engine capacity

11,15 l

Number, arrangement of cylinders

6, V-shaped

Cylinder bore/piston stroke

130 х 140 mm

Compression ratio


Firing order


Rated speed

2100 min-1

Type of speed controller

mechanical, without the support of CAN-bus

Fuel Injection System

direct injection, high-pressure fuel pump with a mechanical governor

Type of boost air charging

naturally aspirated (atmospheric)

Cooling system


power takeoff to the fan

5 kW

load acceptance interval (step-load, G2), rel. main power


Rated voltage of the electrical system

24 V

Fuel rate3:


at 100% of the rated power

214 g/kW*h

at 75% of the rated power

0 г/g/kW*h

at 50% of the rated power

0 g/kW*h

Burning oil consumption ratio (100% of the rated power):


- with respect to fuel consumption

0.5 %

- absolute consumption

0,09 l/h

- specific consumption

1,1 g/kW*h

Standard period for engine oil change6

500 motor hours

Engine cycle life

10000 motor hours



Industrial muffler (noise damping level is12 -15 dBA), with bellow valves and a spark arrester

Generator protection

3-phase circuit breaker with shunt release device

DPP control unit

digital - at ComAp InteliLiteNT controller (Czech Republic) for motors without control support for CAN-Bus

Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

available (optional)

DPP Parallel operation

available (optional)

Remote Monitoring and Control

available (optional)

Integration with an uninterruptible power

available (optional)

The degree of automation according to GOST R 53174-2008, GOST 14228-80

1, 2 or 3 (on the basis of the technical requirements of the Customer)

Networking with "solidly earthed" / "isolated" neutral


* Technical specifications and completing units can be changed in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer.

This information is introductory and can be changed without notice.