Lead-in distributors of LID series
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Lead-in distributors of LID series



Lead-in distributors of LID1 series (LID of ПРУГ type) are designed for input, accounting and distribution of electric energy, 380/220 V voltage, of three-phase alternating current of 50 Hz frequency, as well as to protect the lines against overloads and short circuits. LID is installed in residential and office buildings, industrial facilities. LID is divided into input devices, lead-in distributors, electrical switchgears and panels and automatic transfer switch panels (ATS). The devices, accounting the electric energy, include the division of accounting and input & distributing parts. Automatic switching of power backup ensures uninterruptible supply to consumers from two independent sources with automatic switch of contactors.

LID is completed with dedicated panels according to the questionnaire. In case of absence of a questionnaire LID is supplied with metering devices and protection devices, the parameters of which correspond to their nominal values.


LID is manufactured according to the requirements of TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment" approved by the decision of Customs Union Commission №768of 16.08.2011, TR CU 020/2011«Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" approved by the decision of Customs Union Commission №879 of 09.12.2011, GOST 51321.1 (IEC 60439-1), GOST 51732 according to TU 3430-007-61938140-2014.


– Manual power shifting of consumers from the field network to backup one and back (power supply on the backup power circuit is provided by diesel driven generator);

– Account of total energy consumption (in case if consumers are supplied from the field network);

– Protection of each input against overload and short-circuit currents;

– Visual check of three-phase voltage supply in the basic network;

– Revenue metering of AC electric energy in three-phase circuit at the boundary point of the consumer;

– Transmission of data via cellular communication networks.

Application area

Lead-in distributors (LID) are designed for reception, accounting and distribution of electric energy in electric plants of residential and public buildings, as well as to protect the outgoing distribution and branch circuits of ВРУ against overloads and short circuits.

Technical specifications



Rated voltage

3/N ~ 380/220


50 Hz

Rated input current, A

Up to 630

Rated current of outgoing circuits, A

According to layout

Rated insulating voltage, V


Short circuits strength (rated surge current), kA, maximum


Grounding system type


Electric shock protection class


Protection degree according to GOST 14254-96


Climate version according to GOST 15150-69


Dimensions, mm:

According to layout arrangements

Weight (maximum), kg


LID switchgear is produced in different models: ВРУ 1, 2, 4 or 8. LID is most often located in the power supply systems of buildings and structures, where the power distribution level is medium (about 0.4 kV), at the back of main switchboard. However, ВРУ can be mounted on the upper levels, acting as a main switchboard for a facility.