Uninterruptible Power Supplies Series IPS-S
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Uninterruptible Power Supplies Series IPS-S



Modular Uninterruptible Power Supplies ENTEL series IPS-S are designed for uninterrupted supply to critical current using equipment of alternating current of 50 Hz frequency, which do not allow interruption of the power supply.

Application area

Server and workstations, communications and data transmission, private houses and town houses, hospitals and health centers, social facilities, industrial enterprises.


– UPS can be started even in the absence of AC input voltage - "cold start" (optional);

– possibility of external synchronization (optional);

– possibility to connect an external service bypass;

– possibility of transmission of information via an external SNMP adapter (optional);

– possibility of remote emergency shutdown


Complies with TR CU 004/2011 and TR CU 020/2011.