Local distribution boards LDB
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Local distribution boards LDB



AC local distribution boards LDB-0,4 kV are designed for entry and distribution of electric energy of 0,4 kV at electric substations, electric stations and industrial enterprises.

LDB-0,4 kV are designed in accordance with modern requirements together with design institutes according to single-line diagrams of the Customer, taking into account operation safety requirements

AC local distribution boards of 0,4 kV voltage are manufactured for full range of rated and surge currents.


 Auxiliary electric power supply to substations and electric stations with AC of 380V voltage and 50 Hz frequency:

- power supply cabinets for breaker devices;

- heating-up of outdoor cabinets;

- cooling cabinets for autotransformers (transformers);

- charging devices;

- emergency lightning units;

- fire water pumps;

- power supply cabinets for electromagnetic interlocking circuits of disconnecting devices;

- disconnection and heating of substation control building (SCB);

- outside lightning;

- connection, CAPC.

Application area

LDB is designed to supply, protect and backup of auxiliary consumers of AC at substations, HEP, CHP plant, APS and other power engineering and industry facilities.

LDB ensures discrimination protection against single-phase, interphase faults, overloads.


- reception of AC electric energy from several lead-in connections;

- distribution of electric energy between consumers of first and second busbar sections;

- protection of consumers and outgoing lines with the help of circuit breakers against short circuit currents and overloads;

- automatic switching on of ATS in case of voltage loss according to the direct or indirect back-up scheme;

- electric energy accounting.


LDB complies with the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 004/2011 and TR CU 020/2011.

Technical specifications

Rated voltage of main circuits, V Maximum

660, 50 Hz

Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits:

• AC, V

220, 50 Hz

• DC?V


Electrodynamic busbars sustainability, kA

Up to 40 and higher

Degree of protection


* as agreed between the customer and manufacturer, cabinets can be produced in other climatic versions according to GOST.