Motor control center MCC
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Motor control center MCC



Motor control center of ШУЭД type is designed to control and manage the operation of one or several electric motors of preset power, as well as for growth of reliability and safety of power supply system

MCC consists of:

- frequency converter, ensures soft start of the motor and controls speed;

- switching equipment, which ensure safe electric motor turning off during repair and recovery activities or scheduled maintenance;

- alarm system and interface for remote and local control and management of electric motor.

MCC can include:

- automatic transfer equipment (ATS), required to transfer from the primary input of supply voltage to the standby one in case of loss of one of primary input phases;

- control device.


Complies with TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment" approved by the decision of Customs Union Commission №768of 16.08.2011, TR CU 020/2011«Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" approved by the decision of Customs Union Commission №879 of 09.12.2011


- start and stop of electric motor;

- ensures control and management of supply, distributes electric current among subassemblies;

- protects equipment against voltage drops and short circuits;

- remote control of equipment;

- ensures current and overheating protection;

- controls automatic disconnection of the device in case of finding of faults or insulation failure of feeding cable.


Application area

Air ventilation system of large buildings, impact-notching machines, washing machines, extruders, submersible pumps, sewerage system, induced-draft fans, crane equipment, vertical stamping presses, high-speed saws and spindles; compressors, lifts, rolling mills, escalators, winders, knitting machines, food processing equipment, 4-side molding machines, etc.

Technical specifications*



Rated voltage for cabinet supply

~380V, 50Hz

Type of plug-in motor

3-phase (U, V, W, Pe), without center terminal

Operation modes

Local, automatic

Types of sensors

1 analogue, or 2 status indicator

The total time for device ready after voltage supply

30 s

Cabinet isolation resistance

Minimum 10 MOhm

* Technical specifications and completing units can be changed according to technical requirements of the Customer.

This information is introductory and can be changed by manufacturer without notice.