Operational current control cabinet of ШУОТ series
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Operational current control cabinet of ШУОТ series



Operational current control cabinets OCCC with an output voltage 115 and 230 are designed to supply the DC circuits of 110 and 220 V in switchgears, emergency power supply systems and lighting systems.


The certificate of conformity №0329665 issued by the certification body OOO "RADIO-FIZICHESKIE TESTOVYE TECHNOLOGII"

Application area   

They are used in DC power systems of power plants and distribution substations of electricity generation facilities, oil and gas, chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries.                        


- Automatic switching to another input when the primary input is de-energized;

- Charging and recharging the batter;

- stabilize the current for forming of battery ( AB forming operation);

- protect the battery against deep discharge;

- Protect the rectifier against overload and short circuit in the load;

- control insulation resistance at output lines;

- control phase failure in the rectifier control system;

- Digital data display of output voltage and load current;

- External signaling of basic modes of rectifier operation;

- automatic switching on of data storage device (DSD) in case of recovery of supply voltage after its interruption.

Key features and specifications



Input parameters

Power supply (line) three-phase, V


Fluctuations of input voltage, %


Frequency, Hz


Frequency fluctuations, %


Efficiency, %


Output parameters

The DC voltage (adjustable), V

230 (150… 250), 115 (90… 140)

Rated current, A

20… 100

The accuracy of voltage stabilization, %


The accuracy of current stabilization of battery charge, %


Number and distribution of output lines

12 (4х6,3А; 4х10А; 4х16А)

Accumulator batteries

Capacity, A/h

35… 280

Service life, years

7… 15

Hold-up time, min

60… 300


cabinets or racks

Environmental factors

Temperature, °С

+1… +35

Maximum temperature, °С

+1… +40

Height above sea level, m

1000, under the load of 0.85 - 2000

Degree of protection


Humidity, %