Accounting and distribution of electric energy, ЯУР, ШУ, ШУЭ type
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Accounting and distribution of electric energy, ЯУР, ШУ, ШУЭ type



Switchboards are designed to account consumption of AC electric energy of three-phase network with 0,4kV voltage or single-phase network with voltage up to 240V, suitable for connection (automated meter reading and control system АСКУЭ).

Boxes, switchboards are produced for unilateral maintenance and are designed for installation in industrial, public, household and other power supply objects.

Rated operating conditions for boxes – continuous. Boxes are supplied together with electric energy counters only on the customer’s request.


Complies with the requirements of TR CU 004/2011 and TR CU 020/2011, as well as OTT-29-020.00-КТН-084-10.





- Transmission of data via cellular communication networks;

- can be used in outdoor conditions;

- accounting and monitoring of the consumed energy using the counter of active AC energy;

- remote control of incoming automatic device actuation;

- protection of power supply network against short circuit and overload;

- ensure uninterrupted power supply load within 24 hours.


Application area

They are used at industrial and welfare facilities, for accounting of electric energy of different machines, devices, aggregates, as well as for connecting to distribution devices of low-voltage transformer substations or to lead-in distributors of residential or public buildings.

Technical specifications




Single-phase network

Three-phase network

Rated voltage




46÷65 Hz

Grounding system


Rated withstand current

Up to 6kA (1 s))

Isolation resistance

Minimum 100 kOhm

Degree of protection

up to IP651

Type of connector for functional units


Type of isolating according to GOST 51321.1-2000


Operation temperature

-20°С- +40°С

Storage temperature

-70°С - +60°С

Relative humidity

Up to 90% without precipitation

Service life

Up to 20 years

Input of electricity network cables

at the bottom of box

The output of cables of consumers’ outgoing lines

at the bottom of box

Type of design


Installation method