DC board DCB (from 10 to 120 kVA)
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DC board DCB (from 10 to 120 kVA)



DCB is designed for uninterruptible power supply of operative control circuits, protection, automation and alarm, electromagnets of switching devices, emergency lighting of power stations, substations and other power facilities.

DCB is manufactured both on the typical circuits of the manufacturer agreed with the project organization, and on the electric circuits and the general circuits received from the Customer

Application area

Server and workstations, communications and data transmission, private houses and townhouses, data processing centers and Data banks, hospitals, facilities of the social infrastructure, substations, industrial enterprises.


DCB is made according to TU3430-004-61938140-2013, certificate of compliance № 0329665


DCB performs the following functions:

- Input of electric energy, with the required level of voltage and power regardless of the network status, from the accumulator batteries (AB) charging from the rectifying devices (RD);

- Distribution of power between consumers;

- Uninterruptible power supply to emergency lighting circuits;

- Discriminating protection of inputs and outgoing lines against surge currents and short circuit;

- Management of shunt release devices;

- Duplication of power supply and distribution system with bus sectioning;

- Continuous automatic control of voltage at buses of DCB with the generation of signal indicating voltage deviation from the nominal value;

- Automatic search and ground fault signalization of each connection;

- Generation of generalized warning signal in case of tripping event and absence of power supply in protective circuits;

- Local and central alarms (position indicator for automatic circuit breakers, opening of input automatic circuit breakers);

- Measurement of the basic parameters of AB with analog instrument.

Main Specifications

Nominal DC bus voltage , V

24;  48; 60; 110; 220

Nominal current of DC power circuit, A

Up to 1250

Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V


The number of bus sections                                                                                                        

up to 6

short time electrodynamic current for bus bars, kA                            

up to 25

short time thermal current for bus bars, kA                                         

up to 20

Type of protective devices                                                              

fuses/ automatic circuit breakers

Cable connections                                                              

At the bottom of the cabinet

Maintenance method                                                                          

unilateral/bilateral UHL4/U3

Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254-80


Dimensions HxWxD, mm

IP20- IP 54

Working temperature


Average life

30 years